About Us

Bindra Travel Line provide School Buses, Luxury Volvo buses in affordable price. We provide our customers with a wide variety of quality buses at affordable prices. To transform the current image of our company to the aspiring level, and achieve customer satisfaction through understanding the ever-changing needs, delivering the quality and follow value for money approach.

Reliability, Punctuality and Comforts are not the Words for us, these are our values. As a team, we have the knowledge and understanding on brand building processes with an in depth understanding of the consumer services. Transforming the image is tough, we have to cover many grounds. Our goal is to bring you the best travel opportunities available. Bindra Travel Line will customize any tour to meet your group’s special needs.

Ride Safely with Bindra Travels Line Pvt. Ltd. Traveling is very easy with Bindra travel.

Each School as well as Corporate buses are equipped with twenty stylish, safe & stress-free features that provide comfort, convenience & protection to the children traveling in it. Some of these are- Fluorescent exterior to enhance visibility with a prominent school bus logo for easy identification, Lowered step for easy boarding of children, Bright luminescent 'STOP' sign on the door to caution other drivers during embarking & disembarking, Comfortable seats with bottle holders, Large 'Emergency Exit' at rear, Tooth guard with additional padding to protect children from injury, Retractable handles for support during sharp turns / sudden stops, Extra-large windows with padding and guardrails, Door alarm & Stop Switch to alert the driver, Anti-skid flooring, guiderails & grab handles to prevent children from slipping & getting injured, Separate partition for driver cabin, Special racks below for the convenience of keeping school bags.

Our all buses will be under CCTV surviellence and tracked by GPRS and periodically.available All the criminal records and legal requirements of drivers have been examined.Time to time safety hazards had also evaluated.

  • Buses & Tempo Traveller for School / Institute Transportation
  • Service for special-needs students
  • Field-trip service
  • Summer school and camp service
  • Buses for Industrial Visits
  • Buses for Outstation Trips
  • Buses for Outdoor Activities
  • Operation of School Buses Owned by Schools